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Wama orphanage school

Wama orphanage school is located in Bugodo village , in Namukongo Parish in Kapyanga Subcounty in Bugiri District in the Eastern Part of Uganda . Wama School shelters 80 orphans who sleep in the children quaters and educates 400 children both orphans and half orphans . 

Orphanage School Background

The orphanage home was started way back in 2014 with 30 children of which some of them now are grown up and finalizing their studies , the orphanage home has had its own challenges just like any other institution whose mandate is to care and give back to those who are unprivileged or the vulnerables in the Eastern part of Uganda, 

As much as the director’s zeal is to give back , the provision and support always came handy  or otherwards the orphanage has faced alot of short of food , sleeping materials , rent payments , bills payment one after another , the rampant malaria effect within the children has always made it so hard for the existence of the home . 


We finally got land where expansion gets handy too but as we get in more donors we also expand too with the monthly support and children sponsorship . we decided to build or raise a school because alot of funds were being spent on paying school fees for the children hence failing to attend to other basic needs for the children .  We managed to build an 8 classroom school and to the same we are raising more rooms on the same land to shelter all the 80 orphans who we now have within our custody and care . 


We have 9 teaching staffs and 5 non teaching staffs who among them include the metrons who care for other children , the security personal who affirms security throughout the night and day.

As of now in 2022 we seek for more friends whose zeal is to give back to the community and to help out with our school and orphanage quater development , we need international volunteers to help out in our administration both at school and the foundation premises . 


Our foundation Premises or rather offices are located in Bugiri town , in the Western division in Ndifakulya village along Wama road ,plot 8 & 9 . We have our volunteer questhouse ready for any visitors and our office are located still in the same premises . 


How can you volunteer

Your welcome to be part of our family in Uganda , africa . 

You can fundraise for our orphanage school roofing ,  

You can support in helping us put windows and doors at the school 

You can support us in drilling clean water at the school 

You can be a Volunteering Teacher with us at the school 

You can add value and professionalism in our foundation or school administration 

You can carry out awareness in your country of what WDF does in Africa

You can pray for us or even share of WDF in your church or community where you live 


November 2022


SRHR & GBV Prevention

GOAL : 800 $

RAISED : 0 $


Skills Training

GOAL : 300 $

RAISED : 0 $



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