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Steven Hynes Kakuma currently serves as the Overseer  of Steven Hynes Ministries  and the Founder and C.E.O of Wama Development Foundation. He holds a degree in Theology,  A degree in Pyscology, A Degree in Social work and Project management. Working as a  nurse in Germany to empower the projects besides the Donation and projects supported by other intenational organisations.  Steven  Continues on with  the legacy of leadership  he learnt while in YWAM Hopeland , the vision is to see continued growth and reach of the Word of God and Charity to  communities. The culture of  WDF Family  provides an environment that encourages individuals of all ages to deepen their volunteering skills and desire into use in Africa . Each week WDF offers various opportunities to people of  all walks of life to experience relevant touch of their kind hearts , support, and dynamic togetherness in culture and ideas into use for a positive change. Whether you are a seasoned  or monthly volunteer  just starting out on your  journey , the door is wide open in WDF, it is our hope that you can find a home  and a Volunteering purpose with our Charity wheel  in Wama Development Foundation 

Steven  grew up in the orphanage since nothing is known about his parents , Luckily he was adopted by a kind hearted mother from USA , Steven got a chance to see the light side of education through her mother

Steven is married and a father to both biological children and adopted ones , and to spiritual ones , Having a charity foundation shaped Steven’s fatherhood and understanding of a family .

Steven lives in Germany and at times in Uganda too . With the experience of having lived on the streets and an orphan life, it has compelled him to look after many street kids and orphans as his hands can support . And with a wonderful team to help out with the vision , it has made WDF a great wheel of charity within the areas of operation .

We hope that you’ll take time to view the various programmes and projects and opportunities available highlighted on our website and you could be part of us in Africa and particularly in Uganda . Thank you for visiting.

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