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In WDF we are one
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Wama Orphanage School
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Orphans livelihood Support Programmes
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Girls4Pads programme
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Malaria Prevention programme
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Tree Planting Initiative
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Elderly Empowerment Programme
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IGA Programme
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Disability empowerment Program
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WASH Programme
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Orphanage home support
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Individuals who understand the power of connection and master the art of workhics and relating are able to share their thoughts and ideas with a compelling message, predict and understand behavior, connect with others and collaborate with ease. They are the people who experience more career, financial and social success.

    Address :

    P. O Box 309, Bugiri Ndifakulya Village Wama Road , Eastern Uganda

    Phone :

    +256703106832 +256779230910

    City :

    Bugiri , Eastern Uganda, East Africa

    Email :

    Headquarters :

    09.00 - 17.00

    Secretariat :

    09.00 - 18.00

    Germany office
    Brunnenstrasse 2, 55444
    Siebersbach, Germany


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