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The future is immediate and there is no time to lose. Support resilient communities in Uganda  as we rebuild them through the life disasterous situations against children , mothers and all Genders 

Wdfafrica is  non-governmental humanitarian aid organization based in Uganda . Since we were founded in 2015, our teams have worked in emergency, Health , Orphans education, Environmental preservation, Nutrition program,  Water Projects and long-term development settings in various Ugandan communities 

Our Funding Priorities Areas


Climate Change

Food Sovereignty



Indiginous People

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Support Wdfafrica  in Overcoming Poverty and Preventable Health Issues within our areas of Operation

Our Causes

Orphans Child Education Program

Hunger Eradication Program

Social Empowerment projects

Education & Community sensitization

Infectious Diseases Still Burden East Africa, Especially Uganda

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From working directly with communities in Uganda to advocacy at the international level,WDFafrica acts as a bridge providing project implementation & services for international organizations who require local knowledge & expertise from a trusted Partner who also understands & works in the global development arena.

Our Ugandan staff know well local customs, traditions, and cultures and how to successfully navigate them and they are at ease in front of the media & at international conferences.

Stakeholder relations

We maintain excellent relationships with a cross-section of Ugandan civil society & government. Years of engaging & building communities have taught us the power of inclusivity & the strength of diversity to build effective coalitions.

Learn about our uniquely designed projects.

We also have a rich history of creating our own projects that rely on innovative approaches to solving long-standing, entrenched social & economic problems. We believe that problems are best solved with compassionate listening to those directly living the issues, and in building action-oriented partnerships based on trust and mutual cooperation to achieve new goals.

As an organization, we have served as change leaders on a number of societal issues that impact various communities, and relish a challenge to change out-dated paradigms & usher in new ways that benefit & elevate all. We are proud of our strong work ethic, our compassionate dedication to children, mothers  & communities, and our “can-do” spirit.

We deliver high-quality work in an efficient and well-organized manner that is effective and result-oriented. Our guiding principles are honesty, transparency, and service.

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Whether it is to fulfill your Project needs or to Support us in our own uniquely designed Programs – together as One we can Create Change for the Better.

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